Kirovsk, Murmansk, Kola Peninsula
Kirovsk, Murmansk, Kola Peninsula

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The most sportive town of Kola Peninsula

The construction of the city was started in January 1930. Until 1934 the city was named Khibinogorsk, but in honour of his founder Sergey Mironovich Kirov is the city renamed in Kirovsk.

Nowadays Kirovsk counts totally 40 thousand inhabitants. It is a city of miners. The majority of the inhabitants of Kirovsk is engaged in a mining industry. Kirovsk is located in the valley of Vudjavr Lake and surrounded by the Khibiny Mountains. The views that one can enjoy straight from the streets in a sunny weather are very picturesque.
Here, in Kirovsk the first Avanlance Control Service of Russia was established and it is working until now. Skiing, hiking, climbing and mineralogical routes and even underground excursions will allow you to get lots of pleasure feelings and even to collect a mineralogical collection.

In wintertime you can conquer the peaks of Khibiny on snowmobiles. Kirovsk is also the most sportive town of Kola Peninsula. Kirovsk is the major skiing centre in the Northwest of Russia. Tracks of various degree of complexity have the total length of about 30 km. Six ski-tracks (slalom, giant-slalom, super giant and downhill) have certificates of FIS. Tracks for freestyle correspond to the international standards. Rope tows, a new cabin and chair lift are waiting for you on the slopes of Ajkuajvechorr and Kukisvumchorr Mountains.

The pearl of Kirovsk is the Botanical garden Institute, where you may not only get aquainted with the local flora but also visit the real tropical jungle.

The cultural life in Kirovsk is the most various and interesting the whole year round. Welcome in Kirovsk!

Kirovsk, Murmansk, Kola Peninsula

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