Dear colleagues,

«Kola Travel Plc» operates in Northwest Russia focusing on specialized tours on the Kola Peninsula and Russian Lapland. We invite you to become our partner in promoting our products and services. We offer you about 40 fixed and tested itineraries plus unlimited possibilities to create tailor-made trips in Northwest Russia.

The Northwest part of Russia offers a treasury of untouched wild, breathtaking nature and the rich ancient cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples in Russian Lapland and on the Tersky Coast.

We make these resources accessible for everybody with your help.

Why us, there are so many others?

  • We offer the full spectrum of unique tours and excursions in the whole Northwest Russia from arrival until departure of Russia. All services in one hand.
  • We are (almost) an independent tourist company. We have a great base of skills and excellent guides.
  • We can serve individuals, groups and corporate clients.
  • We have lots of repeating clients.
  • We have more than 15 years experience as tour operator and know our area for more than 40 years.
  • We are a legal company. Our reference number in the Federal Register of Tour operators: PTO 004028.

What we offer our partners?

  • Quality service.
  • Stable relationship.
  • Special reduced rates.
  • Attention and goodwill to all your wishes.
  • Possibility to participate in educational tours.
  • Fast and complete service support (itineraries, equipment lists, travel info, high quality photos etc by email).
  • Guaranteed departure dates. Almost all our tours are starting because of international participation. Don't hesitate to ask us the amount of booked participants via other agencies or for group details.

If you are interested in perspectives of our co-operation, please contact us!