Lovozero, Murmansk, Kola Peninsula
Lovozero, Murmansk, Kola Peninsula

Welcome to Lovozero

Capital and administrative centre of Russian Lapland

Lappish people have been living on the Peninsula since ancient times. The Lappish village (pogost) of Lovozero was founded in the sixteenth century. The majority of Kola’s Lappish people still live in or near Lovozero.

Two other northern peoples, the Nentsy and the Komi, whose first families migrated to the Kola Peninsula over a century ago, make a home here also. The primary occupation of the Lozovero inhabitants is reindeer farming. The Lapps are also skilled fishermen and hunters, and they know the tundra intimately. They possess a rich, unusual folklore and many still wear the distinctive and colourful traditional Lappish clothing. The city-twin town of Lovozero village is Karasjok in Norway. Karasjok is capital and administrative centre of Norwegian Lapland.

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Lovozero, Murmansk, Kola Peninsula

What to do:

  • Lovozero:
    • Visit a Saami settlement close to Lovozero village.
      Meet the Lovozero Saami in Russian Lapland. Learn about their culture and their traditions. Feed, hug and make selfies with the reindeers. The year round.  More information
    • Visit a Husky Park close to Lovozero village.
      Full excursion on the Husky Park; the husky kennel and a private Saami open air museum with reindeers. In the winter you can participate on sledging with huskies. In winter only.  More information
    • 3-day hiking excursion in Lovozero Tundra .
      The mystic of Lovozero Tundra on Kola Peninsula. The hiking excursion leads to Seidozero (Saint Lake). Meet a dancing shaman 'Kuiva' on the rocks!. In Summer only.  More information

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